Medical compression solutions

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Medical compression solutions

Compression devices : Basic therapy for various conditions

The level of severity of the venous, lymphoedema or lipoedema condition determines the compression pressure which is required. Medical specialist retailers provide compression stockings in four different pressure classes (compression classes). Depending on the nature of the condition and how advanced it is, various models and materials are used.

Medical compression garments

Ideal care with medical compression stockings

medi provides a comprehensive product range for providing therapy for various conditions of the venous and lymphatic system. The product range includes knee socks, thigh-length stockings and tights. Special models are available for men and pregnant women.

The times in which compression stockings were known as “rubber stockings” because they did not look nice and were uncomfortable are a thing of the past. Thanks to the finest transparency and a very wide range of on-trend colours, modern and fashionable compression stockings look like standard tights.

medi also provides compression solutions for the treatment of leg ulcers and supplies clinics with thrombosis prophylaxis hosiery.

Make your therapy as pleasant as possible. Discover the huge range of accessories and extras, as well as donning aids for medical compression stockings.

Medical compression stockings are prescribed by a doctor if there is a medical need for them and measurements for them are taken at the specialist retailer. Attention: Support stockings or support tights are not the same as medical compression stockings. Support stockings have no medical benefit and are available to anyone to buy. They are only suitable for people with healthy veins.