circaid® profile Arm

Night garment for lymphedema therapy
  • Applies gradient compression to the effected limb
  • Contains special components to keep you cool at night
  • Virtually effortless donning and doffing
  • Essential part of treatment for the transition and maintenance phases
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Standard colours
medi Magenta
Armsleeve with hand to G (AG)
Armsleeve to G (CG)

Night garment for lymphedema management

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Circaid Profile Arm is a compressive foam sleeve garment designed for nighttime treatment of lymphedema and used for patients with sensitivity issues. Made from first-use foam and brrr®° cooling fabric, Circaid Profile Arm allows patients to comfortably manage their edema from home. This new product helps maintain the achieved lymph reduction during the day. Compression therapy is important both day and night. 

Circaid Profile has a full assortment of colours and sizes in ready-to-wear and custom-made options for both upper and lower extremity solutions. 

Nighttime compression garments are essential both for the transition phase and for the maintenance phase. Circaid Profile is an overnight compression garment, including a foam base to simulate a massage effect. This technology improves circulation and helps relax fibrous tissue in the arm. 

For example, a patient will use a flat knit sleeve during the day, and in combination, Circaid Profile at night.

Product features

Ready-to-wear technologies:

  • Fused EZ-on System: custom option for ease of application.
  • Profile anchor system: helps hold energy oversleeve in place to prevent migration.
  • Cooling Fabric: made with brrr° fabric containing unique features proven to keep you cool and comfortable.

Custom-made Options:

  • Fused EZ-on System: option for ease of application
  • EZ-open panel: eases donning on arm 
  • Style Options: option for additional 5 mmHg of compression.
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