Circaid undersleeves and socks from mediCircaid undersleeves and socks from medi
Circaid undersleeves and socks from mediCircaid undersleeves and socks from medi

circaid® undersleeves and socks

Footless liners
  • For added comfort under circaid compression garments
  • Various models available
  • Skin-friendly comfort in wear
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
circaid undersleeve arm:
94% cotton, 6% elastanecircaid undersleeve arm silver:
91% Polyester, 5% Nylon mit Silber beschichtet, 4% Elastancircaid socks:
94% Baumwolle, 6% Elastancompressive undersock moderate
37% Nylon
54% Polyester
9% Elastane
compressive undersock firm
37% Nylon
52% Polyester
11% Elastane

For more comfort in wear with circaid compression garments

The circaid compressive undersock provides graduated compression for the foot and ankle joint. The graduated compression pressure continues into the leg portion of the undersock. The compressive undersock is easy to apply and is worn directly on the skin. Optional standard compression product with circaid juxtalite.

It is recommended to always wear the circaid compressive undersock in combination with a lower leg garment (e.g. circaid juxtalite or circaid juxtacures).

Product features
  • Easy to put on
  • Available in Lycra, silver and cotton
  • Variants available with and without a foot
  • Pleasant and comfortable to wear under circaid compression garments
  • Delivered in pairs so one undersock can be washed while the other is being worn
  • NEW
  • Variants available with and without compression (Available in 15-25 mmHg (moderate compression) and 25-35 mmHg (firm compression)
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