circaid® reduction kit product line

Adjustable compression device for the initial decongestion phase in the treatment of lymphoedema.

medi circaid reduction kit upper leg inelastic compression therapy support

Self-management in the decongestion phase of lymphoedema

circaid reduction kit is an adjustable compression device for the initial decongestion phase in treating lymphoedema. It is initially fitted to the patient´s individual limb circumferences and shape and can be adapted to the new circumferences as soon as the limb volume decreases. Thanks to the possibility to set, control and readjust tension levels, circaid reduction kit allows for effective treatment of lymphoedema. Its easy donning and doffing relieves everyday practice of healthcare professionals and enables patients to self-manage. circaid reduction kit is available as adjustable garment for upper and lower limbs. Further customisable hand and foot options complete a patient-individual decongestion therapy.