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Lymphedema compression therapy at night

If you use compression therapy to help manage your lymphedema, you have probably experienced fluctuations in your swelling during resting hours. It may seem like there aren’t many options for compression wear at night.

Your normal elastic compression garments, while great for daytime wear, aren’t appropriate for sleep because they apply too much compression. This tight fit can cause harmful indentations and slippage on your affected limbs. Bandaging can be an option, but it’s time-consuming and can leave you feeling frustrated if they are not applied properly.

One of the most comfortable and time-efficient ways to manage your lymphedema at night is with a quality compression foam sleeve.  A nighttime sleeve provides a gentler compression level in comparison to daytime garments. This allows for more comfortable relaxation and prevents the limbs from swelling and reaccumulating fluid throughout your sleep.

There are various benefits to wearing nighttime garments:

  • Cuts down on bandaging time.
  • Continued treatment and swelling reduction throughout the night.
  • Can help ease the application of daytime garments.
  • Better quality of sleep.
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