hip orthosis stabilizationhip orthosis stabilization
hip orthosis stabilizationhip orthosis stabilization

medi orthocox

Hip support
  • High wearing comfort
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Simple application
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Hip rotation support

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The circular compression on the hip and thigh ensures the required compression of the operation site and supports the direct postoperative positioning of the treated hip joint. At the same time, the elastic tension on the thigh counteracts the usual external rotation of the leg.
The compact design of the hip rotation support limits involuntary and uncontrolled movements, and offers the patient the additional sense of security that is necessary for rapid and wide-ranging mobilisation.
The use of medi orthocox simplifies compression treatment of the leg and pelvis in hospital and during rehabilitation and thus makes a lasting contribution to the treatment results with better economy.

Product features
  • Simple, time-saving application
  • Very comdortable to wear due to highly permeable fabric and skin-friendly material
  • Notice: The label is fixed to the outside of the product so it does not irritate the operation scar
Intended purpose

Controls the hip rotation
Optimum compression of the hip region
Reusable after renewal of dressing
Assists patient mobilisation
Easy access for dessing

Goal setting

medi orthocox is worn around the hips and the thigh.
For hip compression pass the upper free end around your pelvis. Adjust the tension to vary the compression to suit the patient.
Pass the lower free end around the proximal part of the thigh. The elastic tension of the material exerts pressure to reduce external rotation of the leg.
The free ends of the support are secured by broad Velcro fasteners, thus enabling the patient to ad-just compression and thigh rotation independently.

  • Intertrochanteric reposition osteotomy
  • Internal fixation of transtrochanteric fractures
  • Total hip replacement
  • Arterial circulation disorders
  • Massive leg deformities
  • Pre-existing gangrenous damage
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