medi SAK® inflatable shoulder abduction cushionmedi SAK® inflatable shoulder abduction cushion
medi SAK shoulder abduction cushion shoulder strap backmedi SAK shoulder abduction cushion shoulder strap back
medi SAK® inflatable shoulder abduction cushionmedi SAK® inflatable shoulder abduction cushion

medi SAK®

Inflatable shoulder abduction cushion
  • Forearm exercises through hand rest
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Secure positioning due to upper arm wedge
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Variable (10° to 60°) abduction support

medi SAK is a shoulder abduction cushion. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.

Product features
  • Temporary pressure relief on the subacromial space
  • Mobilisation to prevent adhesions in the subacromial, subcoracoid and subdeltoid spaces
  • Immobilisation of shoulder joint at 10° to 60° degrees abduction
Goal setting

The shoulder abduction pad is supplied in one universal size and can be used for either the left or the right side.
Inflate the inner section. Loop the shoulder strap around the good shoulder. Important: For ease of use, the Velcro fasteners should be on the outside of the strap. The triangle to which the straps are sewn should be at the back.
Place the inflated pad under the injured arm and secure the shoulder strap to the pad.
To allow the arm to lie in the required position on the pad, the rod and hand ball is attached with Velcro to the pad. The hand ball is held loosely in the hand.
Secure the two lower arm pads as shown in the diagram, the rod being taken through the Velcro eyelets on the underside of the lower arm pads.
Position the shoulder pad so that the arm lies on it comfortably without touching the body. For smaller patients it may be necessary to take the pad out of its cover and to cut it to size (e.g. with a sharp knife). Important: Make sure that laying your arm on the pad does not push the head of the humerus upwards.
Attaching the Velcro fastener to the shoulder pad: stick the Velcro strip onto the lateral upper arm strap, pull it medially and fasten it to the medial strap.
Now do up the lower arm strap, making sure that it is not pulled too tight.
The height of the pad can be adjusted by means of the Velcro fasteners on the ends of the strap. The medically correct position can therefore be achieved for all body sizes.
The angle of abduction can be reduced by letting out some of the air. The pelvic strap, which goes around the body and the pads, is an additional means of fixing the pad to the body.
Finally, stick the round patch over the valve.

  • Reconstruction after rotator cuff ruptures
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Shoulder prosthesis implantation
  • None
medi SAK® shoulder abduction cushion – Instruction for medical staff
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