medi SAS® 45 shoulder abduction splintsmedi SAS® 45 shoulder abduction splints
medi SAS® 45 shoulder abduction splintsmedi SAS® 45 shoulder abduction splints

medi SAS® 45

Shoulder abduction splint
  • Forearm exercises through hand rest
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Early functional aftercare
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Material components
PU foam, Polyamide

Shoulder abduction splint - 45° or 30° abduction

The medi SAS 45 is a shoulder abduction support. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.

Product features
  • Lateral positioning with anatomically shaped cushion to relieve the ventral limbus and the capsule
  • Relieves pressure on the subacromial space
  • 30° or 45° abduction position to avoid adhesions to the axillary recess (frozen shoulder)
Intended purpose

Only change the angle of abduction on the instructions of your doctor.

Goal setting

The medi SAS 45 is supplied in a single universal size and has two options for use, providing either 45° or 30° of abduction.
Loosen all the straps including the hand section.
Place the cushion on the hip of the affected side and lay the shoulder strap over the opposite shoulder. Fasten the straps to the cushion with the Velcro strip, first the back and then the front. Attach one end of the hip belt to the front of the cushion.
Now secure the hand rest to the top of the cushion with the Velcro.
Attach the two forearm straps to the hand rest, and secure the upper arm strap to the cushion slightly obliquely. The upper arm strap prevents the arm slipping backwards.
Slip your arm into the sling and fasten all the Velcro strips. Make sure that the straps are not fastened too tightly. Simply rotate the cushion to select 45° or 30° abduction.
Note: Make sure that the head of the humerus is not pushed upwards when the upper arm is resting on the cushion.

  • Reconstruction after rotator cuff ruptures
  • After open and arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation
  • Immobilisation after shoulder prosthesis implantation
  • After acromioplasty
  • Conservative or post-operative treatment after subacromial bursitis
  • None
medi SAS® 45 shoulder abduction cushion - Instruction for medical staff
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