medi soft OA knee orthosis for gonarthrosismedi soft OA knee orthosis for gonarthrosis
medi Soft OAmedi Soft OA
medi Soft OAmedi Soft OA
medi soft OA knee orthosis for gonarthrosismedi soft OA knee orthosis for gonarthrosis

medi Soft OA

Soft brace for pressure relief and guidance
  • Effective stabilization and pain relief
  • High wearing comfort thanks to breathable material
  • Intelligent design facilitates easy handling
Product variety
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Material components
Polyamide, PU, polyester, lycra, aluminum

Soft brace for pressure relief and guidance

Soft knee brace for the relief of unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee. Medi Soft OA is a varus/valgus brace. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the knee and only on intact skin.

Product features
  • Relief of the lateral or medial compartment using the 3-point principle
  • Pain relief by reducing weight-bearing on the affected side of the joint
  • compression stabilizes the joint and improves proprioception
  • Contains Rigid Material
Goal setting

Putting on the brace before use:
Ensure that both load relief mechanisms are in the starting position (close to the knee joint) and that the switch is set to the white dot. 
Open all quick-release clasps on the front of the brace, by turning them slightly. 
Open the hook and loop fastener on the brace. 

Putting the brace on:
Bend your leg at approx. 70° and pull the brace onto the injured leg. 
Pull the brace up your leg until the fabric comes to below the kneecap and ensure that the kneecap is positioned in the centre of the opening. The centre of the brace joint between the two lateral joint splints is now sitting around the same level as the upper edge of the kneecap.
Please make sure that the brace has been placed on the leg straight and is not twisted. 
Now close both of the hook and loop fastener on the upper part of the brace. 
Fasten the quick-release clasp for strap 1 first and then fasten the quick-release clasp for strap 2.
Now fasten straps 3 and 4. 
Push and/or pull the load relief mechanism up or down, moving along the increasing number scale. (Attention: To reduce pressure, the lock needs to be released and then refastened after setting). An audible click is heard for every change in level to show that the brace has engaged. The greatest level of load relief is attained at level 9. The orthopaedic technician has set the brace in advance and has established a benchmark value with you. Depending on your level of pain, you can adjust the mechanism to fit your needs.
Take a few steps and ensure that the brace is sitting correctly on the leg. If necessary, correct the position of the brace again. 

Taking the brace off:
Deactivate the load relief mechanism by releasing the switch and pushing the mechanism towards the knee joint. 
Then set the switch back to the white dot.
Undo all of the quick-release clasps.  
Open the hook and loop fastener on the brace and pull it off your leg, moving downwards. 
Close the hook and loop fastener and all quick-release clasps to ensure that no damage is done to the brace.

  • Medial or lateral (unicondylar) osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Following cartilage surgery and/or cartilage regeneration for unilateral post-operative load relief, where necessary
  • For unicondylar stress reactions / stress fractures of the upper tibia
  • Bilateral (bicondylar) osteoarthritis of the knee
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