Protect.Maternity belt pregnancy beltProtect.Maternity belt pregnancy belt
Protect.Maternity belt pregnancy beltProtect.Maternity belt pregnancy belt

protect.Maternity belt

Support belt
  • Fully adjustable for maximum comfort
  • Supports the back muscles
  • Anatomically shaped
Product variety
Standard colours
Suitable for
Women's sizing
Material components
Polyester, cotton, polyamide, elasthan,
synthetic leather.

Support belt to reduce back pain during pregnancy

protect.Maternity belt is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the back during pregnancy and only on unbroken skin.

Product features
  • Fully adjustable, simple fastening ensures maximum comfort
  • Posterior stays help to prevent rollover
  • Supports the back muscles easing pain and discomfort
  • Anatomically shaped for a contoured fit
  • Comfortable material with microfibres
  • Additional tension straps
Intended purpose

Integrated stabilisation rods in the lumbar region and the adjustable tension of the tension straps reduce the frontal strain that is caused by the increasing weight of the abdomen
Relieves pressure on the abdominal wall, the pelvis and the spine

Goal setting

Please wash before first use. Place the maternity belt around your hips and position it so that the stabilisation roads are located over your spine in the middle of your lower
back. Next fasten the two ends at the front under your abdomen. Make sure that the belt is positioned well and does not bother you when walking or sitting. To fasten the elastic tension straps, place your hands in the loops of the two tension straps on the outermost side. Pull these forwards until you reach the desired level of tension. Using the Velcro fastening, gently press the straps to attach them to the belt.

  • Back pain during pregnancy
Size table
circumference waist (cm)wM90 - 105105 - 120120 - 135
article numberK.648.701K.648.702K.648.703
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