Circaid Juxtafit cover up arm

circaid® cover ups

Comfort cover ups

  • Can be worn over circaid products
  • No catching on clothing or bedclothes
  • For a high-quality look

  Medical specifications

Discreet look for circaid compression garments

The circaid textile cosmetic cover lends circaid compression garments a discreet look. They also stop the Velcro fasteners from catching on clothing or bedclothes.


Product benefits

  • Discreet and high-quality look for circaid compression garments

  • Protect the Velcro fasteners against clothing and bedclothes

  • Make putting clothes on over the circaid products easier

  • Available in the colours black and beige

  • Are attached to the circaid compression garment by Velcro, so do not slip

  • Easy to put on


Standard colours

Material components

circaid cover up arm:
80% Nylon, 18% Elastan, 2% Polyethylen

cicaid cover up leg:
80% Nylon, 20% Elastan



Medical specifications


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